Sat. May18, 2019

Technology is a wonderful thing. I got to compose music for tech commercial in New York thru email alone. Here is music I composed which a half of it is upbeat and the other half is daunting. It is password protected video and you need to put password which is: Karin

Wed. May 8th, 2019

Very excited about scoring the AFI short:  “The History Of Monsters”. This story unfold in the fantasy world yet it tell stories about what it real. Experience is personal and we all have different story even if we are in the same space and the same time. I am excited about this movie because it tells a typical psychological story of a women by a male director in the horror language. It may elaborate hugely from here but this is temp music I have created so far for the film.

Sat. May 4th, 2019

Here is a little article about me on British Weekly. -May 4th be with you!


Thus. Aug 9th, 2018

I love when director's soul has something dying to scream yet that can only exist in dreams, but with creation of moving picture and music we bring it closer to waking state.