Fri Jun14th, 2019: Japanese magazine interviews  

 Japanese magazine interviews

ドイツ生まれのジャーナリスト、アマチアボクサー、 The Japanese Entertainment paper weekly LALALAの 鷲見由希子さんからインタビューしてもらいました。 下のリンクから是非ご覧下さい。 



世界遺産検定1級所持者のU.S. Front Line の齋藤春菜さんからもインタビューしてもらいました。是非。


And this one is from British Weekly Magazine. Enjoy!

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Fri. June 7th, 2019

Recently I came across a novel “No-No-Boy” by the first Japanese American novelist John Okada. First I was perplexed to find out that Okada fought against Japan in World War II, but after reading “No-No-Boy” I understood that John was an American boy, and this was the choice he made so he can live in the country he was born in. To imagine the life of others takes time. But novels, movies, music and the arts allow us to experience their emotions without needing to pick a side. 

Here is poems John Okada wrote after the Pearl Harbor attack. 


I Must be Strong 

I know now for what war I was born. 
Every child is born to see some struggle, 
But this conflict is yet the worst. 
For my dark features are those of the enemy, 
And my heart is buried deep in occidental soil. 
People will say things, and people will do things, 
I know they will, and I must be strong. 

 —John Okada, University of Washington Daily, Dec 11, 1941 

Today I worked on the music for a Persian American film “Over My Dead Body”. This film touches on immigrant children’s experience in America and the conflict with their parents, because they have different cultures and beliefs. Here are two tracks that I have composed  for   “Over My Dead Body”. I hope you enjoy. 

Opening: NEW! 

Over My Dead Body:

Thu. Jun 6, 2019

Free movie on Amazon Prime 

Award-winning short film, “American Hikikomori” (2015) directed by Landis Stokes which I scored the music for is now an Official Selection in AMAZON PRIME’s All Voices Film Festival: Short films celebrating diversity. This dramatic film touches on a Japanese taboo as well as the immigrant experience in America. Many of the cues I scored, I simply improvised and recorded on the spot while the director, cinematographer Stokes sat next to me calling me “wizard”. He was professional, easy and fun to work with, a true samurai. You can watch the film for free if you are an Amazon prime member: American Hikikomori

Sat. May18, 2019

Technology is a wonderful thing. I got to compose music for tech commercial in New York thru email alone. Here is music I composed which a half of it is upbeat and the other half is daunting. It is password protected video and you need to put password which is: Karin

Wed. May 8th, 2019

Very excited about scoring the AFI short:  “The History Of Monsters”. This story unfold in the fantasy world yet it tell stories about what it real. Experience is personal and we all have different story even if we are in the same space and the same time. I am excited about this movie because it tells a typical psychological story of a women by a male director in the horror language. It may elaborate hugely from here but this is temp music I have created so far for the film.