Welcome to the online home of award‑winning musician and composer Karin Okada.

Hi, this is Karin.

I’m a composer, pianist, vocalist and I work out of my studio in West Hollywood. In Los Angeles I have been working mainly on independent films. I do enjoy working on the project that has impact in our society, silenced story or even on a story that has been told thousand years. It is joy for me to be desired and to join the party of the story telling team. Karin's Bio visit: Imdb

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Latest Track

Here are 3 projects that I am working on and I have worked on recently which I would like to invite you to listen.

1)"Over My Dead Body" is a story of 2nd generation immigrants; Iranian American young adult and her bitter sweet love story. 

2) "Reconnect" is a tech commercial project.

3) "Aki" is 3D animation about a Shiba dog and Japanese girl in Edo period.

I am excited in scoring the new project: "The History of Monsters." Here is some ideas I created for them to use as a temp. When the movie comes, I have plan to add raw and atonal sound as the theme of the main character's fear. In fact, I think I am going to start recording some sound this week. If you are planning to create psychological thriller, get in touch with me. But mean while, here is two same music with and without strings. This too should be up in the Festival circuit in 2020. Be sure to come back later for the development. I think this is excellent film and I'm so into it!


Passion, love, and wonder. 

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